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About the Founder

Sonia Preta, Founder and Principal of SRP Consulting, is a visionary retail consultant and fashion/technology futurist. She was an e-commerce pioneer, award-winning merchant, and has helped over 200 fashion brands accelerate their growth through innovative merchandising, brand-building, and digital development – always with an eye to the future. Sonia led women’s apparel at Saks Fifth Avenue for over a decade, and led Victoria’s Secret swimwear and shoes to their peak years. From seasoned executive to entrepreneur who ran a successful fashion start-up, she is the go-to expert in always predicting what is ’next’ for the fashion consumer.


As a trusted partner and passionate collaborator, Sonia helps brands and retailers build products, teams, and customer experiences that delight the customer and propel businesses into the future. The extensive knowledge and keen insights she has amassed from over two decades, working with over 200 brands, are at the heart of every assignment.

Taking on the next era for the fashion industry, Web 3.0, Sonia is the author of a book with the working title "Fashion and the Metaverse", expected publishing date of early Fall 2023.


Sonia is a graduate of Boston College Carroll School of Management. She lives in New York City and is the mother of two grown boys. Sonia is a contemporary art collector, music lover, and fitness fan.

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