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A Fast-Growing New Sneaker Brand That Gets it Right

This cool sneaker brand, Axel Arigato, born in 2014, is growing rapidly in Europe. The Stockholm-based brand had enough traction to receive a 56MM-euro investment from @Eurazeo in 2020. So how does a brand get so much traction in a sneaker market saturated with big players? Some thoughts about the boxes they check:

✔️ Exceptional STYLE - this brand has it in spades - just the right mix of minimalism, pops of color, and desirable stack heights in the sneakers. Consistent with their aesthetic, the beautiful stores look like art galleries.

✔️Magic PRICE POINTS. Focused on an average retail of $250, and mostly made in Portugal, they are an affordable luxury.

✔️They cultivate COMMUNITY in social and IRL with regular experiences — DJs nights after hours, album signing, monthly free sneaker cleaning — in their now 5 physical stores — London, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg.

✔️They use SUSTAINABLE materials with "leather sourced from tanneries with environmentally good practices, certified by the Leather Working Group”, and are striving for sustainability in every aspect of the brand (

They are becoming a lifestyle brand. They’ve successfully tested some apparel, and WWD recently reported that they are focusing growth in the category (

As a brand, Axel Arigato, is a great case study in how to build and grow a successful brand — having a clear vision, consistent aesthetic, and simple strategy are key factors.

As for the U.S., they've recently had pop-up shops at Neiman Marcus, and are available at various online retailers. More to come I'm sure!

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