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Merchandising + Strategy +
Innovation Consulting

Ready to turn your brand into a thriving and profitable marketplace leader?

Fashion is a dynamic industry, and when the product is on fire, it's amazing.

But it comes with its share of hurdles.


Many brands face these common obstacles. Does this sound familiar –

your customers love your product and you had great momentum for multiple seasons...but now...


 – Only a fraction of your brand’s items enjoy great success while the rest result in significant unsold inventory


     – Your collections are starting to suffer from sameness every season, lacking the excitement and appeal they once had.

     – Finding the sweet spot between pleasing loyal customers and attracting new customers is a perpetual struggle.

     – Today's data-driven world is creating "detail overload" on your team, making it difficult to focus on the big picture.


     – Competition has reached unprecedented levels, exacerbated by the rise of the online marketplace model of retail partners. 

These challenges can send even a successful brand into a downward spiral if not addressed in a timely manner. We help brands get traction toward their goals and set them up for sustained success.


How you form a holistic strategy has a huge impact on your brand’s business potential. We can help your team reverse the misses and uncover the big ideas that can help your brand stand out in the crowded marketplace and give customers what they crave from you.

About Me

Hi, I’m Sonia Preta

I’m a merchandising visionary and business strategist.

My approach is rooted in customer intuition, product excellence, and my expert knowledge of branding, merchandising, and ecommerce. I have leveraged these qualities to assist countless brands in growing their business and inspiring their teams.

I’m an “Opportunity Excavator” and "Passionate Innovator" who is here to be your trusted partner to:

  • Push boundaries and inspire thinking beyond the conventional box to help your brand stand out in a crowded market

  • Bring a fresh perspective and master the merchandising strategies to turn your business goals into profitable reality


  • Identify the root causes of the product and category misses with solutions to reduce inventory and waste


  • Unearth opportunities that others may overlook, paving the way for untapped markets and new revenue streams


  • Streamline the team’s efforts using proven methods that give them renewed energy and efficiency, and a better view of the “big picture”

  • Create a business foundation that sets you up for long-term, sustainable success

Ready to transform your fashion brand and boost profits? Let's make it happen. Contact me today for a consultation that will change the trajectory of your brand forever.


I highly recommend Sonia if you are looking for new ideas on how to grow your revenue and motivate your teams to think out of the box! She worked closely with my merchandising, design, and sales teams - quickly earning their trust. We now have a very clear road map that my teams are excited to execute.

—  Colleen Kelly, CEO, Alex Apparel


“Product is our passion, the customer is our focus, and data is our friend”  — Sonia Preta, Founder

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